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Important message to all customers of CodyOFFICE software


       Industrial Software & Systems Ltd. (ISS Bulgaria) was created in 2004. It is the only developer and supporter of all software products of US company Cody Automation Group Inc. Our company was established to be the successor of a company Cody Systems Ltd which in the period from 1997 to 2003 was the developer of software products CodyScope, CodyScope+, Codydraw and many others also property of Cody Automation.

       ISS Bulgaria was created by the same developers who made the Codyscope product line. During the period 2004 - 2007 our company created a new product by its own technical specification and project named CodyOFFICE. Later this software became a property of Cody Automation Group and ISS continue to be its only developer.

       In November 2012 Cody Automation and its French subsidiary company Uptime Systems which was the distributor of CodyOFFICE for all Europe surprisingly broke all contacts with us violating our long-term contract for development and maintenance. Since then we have no official contact with authorized personnel of both companies. We also learned that they have abandoned all their clients mainly in France and all of Europe.

        Taking in mind that such an unprofessional behaviour will lead to perishing of an already proven to be a very good product like CodyOFFICE, causes inconvenience and trouble for the clients and also the fact that according to our contract, Cody/Uptime owes ISS Bulgaria a large amount of  money, we decided to take the responsibility to all clients by offering them a full-support and possibility to buy CodyOFFICE directly from our office in Bulgaria.

          You can see and check the last IDDN registration at www.iddn.org of Codyoffice which is still in the name of ISS Bulgaria: Show IDDN..


If you are a customer of Uptime Systems and are using CodyOFFICE or Codydraw and you need technical support or advise how to use these softwares, call us. We will:

If you want to buy CodyOFFICE you can call us also. We will sell to you without dongles! Only with activation keys !

If you buy 2 licence keys of CodyOFFICE we will give you another one for free. You will also get all communication drivers enabled and your first upgrade will be for free !


    Tel:  (+359-887) 707030 at our office in Sofia

    E-mail: iss@indsoftsys.net